HM # Name Ability
01 Cut Attacks the foe with sharp blades or claws.
Allows cut to be used outside of combat. Cut removes small bushes from the path.
Badge Needed: 1st Badge
02 Fly Flies up on the first turn, then attacks next turn.
Allows fly to be used outside of combat. Fly allows you to move between pokemon centers without having to run.
Badge Needed: 6th Badge
03 Surf Creates a huge wave, then crashes it down on the foe.
Allows surf to be used outsideof combat. Surf allows you to move across the top of water on the back of the pokemon.
Badge Needed: 5th Badge
04 Strength Builds enormous power, then slams the foe.
Allows strength to be used outisde of combat. Strength allows small rocks to be moved around the map temporarily from the map.
Badge Needed: 4th Badge
05 Flash Looses a powerful blast of light that reduces accuracy.
Allows Flash to be used outside of combat. Flash lights up dark caves whilst in the cave.
Badge Needed: 2nd Badge
06 Rock Smash A rock-crushingly tough attack that may lower defencse.
Allows Rock Smash to be used outside of combat. Rock Smash breaks small rocks up to remove them temporarily from the map.
Badge Needed: 3rd Badge
TM # Name Ability
01 Focus Punch Powerful, but makes the user flinch if hit by the foe.
05 Roar A savage roar that makes the foe flee to end the battle.
06 Toxic Poisons the foe with a toxin that gradually worsens.
08 Bulk Up Bulks up the body to boost both attack & defense.
10 Hidden Power The attack power varies among different Pokemon.
11 Sunny Day Raises the power of Fire-type moves for 5 turns.
14 Blizzard A vicious snow-and-wind attack that may freeze the foe.
15 Hyper Beam Powerful, but needs recharging the next turn.
16 Light Screen Creates a wall of light that lowers Sp. Atk damage.
17 Protect Negates all damage, but may fail if used in succession.
19 Giga Drain Recovers half the HP of the damage this move inflicts.
20 Safeguard Prevents status abnormality with a mystical power.
24 Thunderbolt A powerful electric attack that may cause paralysis.
25 Thunder Strikes the foe with a thunderbolt. It may paralyze.
28 Dig Digs underground the 1st turn, then strikes next turn.
30 Shadow Ball Hurls a dark lump at the foe. It may lower Sp. Def.
32 Double Team Creates illusory copies to enhance elusiveness.
33 Reflect Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.
34 Shock Wave Zaps the foe with a jolt of electricity that never misses.
37 Sandstorm Causes a sandstorm that hits the foe over several turns.
38 Fire Blast A powerful fire attack that may burn the foe.
39 Rock Tomb Stops the foe from moving with rocks. May lower speed.
40 Aerial Ace An extremely fast attack that can't be avoided.
42 Facade Raises Attack when poisoned, burned, or paralyzed.
43 Secret Powder Adds an effect to attack depending on the location.
44 Rest The user sleeps for 2 turns to restore health and status.
45 Attract Makes it tough to attack a foe of the opposite gender.
46 Thief While attacking, it may steal the foe's held item.
47 Steel Wing Spreads hard-edged wings and slams into the foe.
48 Skill Swap Switches abilities with the foe on the turn this is used.
50 Overheat Enables full-power attack, but sharply lowers Sp. Atk.