When The Bough Breaks - Details

Title: When The Bough Breaks
Year of Release: 1994
Rating: M
Genre: Drama

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Summary: On July, 4th in Houston, a teenager finds a human hand in the sewer. Captain Swaggert is investigating the discovery of seven hands over several years, each one precisely severed and with a number tattooed on the palm, but as yet has no leads. The highly qualified Special Investigator, Audrey Macleah, is assigned to join the team and give support to the investigation. When the police department receives a call from a medical doctor in an institution, Audrey visits him. There, the doctor introduces the autistic boy Jordan Thomas to her, disclosing seven hands that the boy had drawn on the wall. Audrey dedicates her attention to Jordan and discovers that he is connected to the serial-killer.

Movie/Actor Combination: Ally Walker
Martin Sheen
Ron Perlman